Break-up With Acne

Once we reach puberty, there are certain changes which happen in our body and signal towards our maturity. Different types of hormones are released which cause these changes. It feels awkward to experience these transformations in our body, but we should welcome them since it shows that we are healthy and hormones are released timely.

One of the most annoying change is the breaking out of acne(pimples). The primary reason for pimples is excessive oily skin. This happens when our sebaceous glands secrete too much oily and a waxy substance called sebum. Acne on the face can be embarrassing and develops a feeling of inferiority. Then, we consult different doctors and the bills definitely cost us an arm and a leg.


So, here are some simple remedies which will help you to get your glow back and will not be heavy on your pocket too.

(1) Using the right cleanser for your skin: To prevent your skin from getting oily frequently, wash your face at least four times using the right cleanser. You should choose the one which contains salicylic acid to unblock the pores of your skin and benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria. Before buying any facewash, check if it is suitable for oily skin. A facewash named Cetaphil is highly recommended by doctors.


(2) Rub Aloe vera Gel: Aloe vera gel is most helpful to have healthy skin. The gel contains anti-bacterial properties. Also, it cools down your skin. This is a natural remedy and does not have any side effects. You can even grow aloe vera plant in your house. This method will take time and if you apply this for over one month, you will definitely see excellent results.

(3) Drink water: Have at least seven to eight glasses of water in one day. This helps in purifying your body and removing all the toxins, thus preventing acne. Our skin cells also work properly.


(4) Apple cider vinegar: Besides drying up your oily skin and killing bacteria, vinegar balances with the pH of your skin making it hard for the bacteria to grow. To use this, first, wash your face and pat dry. Then, mix some water in the vinegar and apply it on your skin. Leave it for ten minutes or overnight. Use this for many times throughout the day. Apple cider vinegar is easily available in the market.

(5) Banana peel: Have you ever thought that banana peel can be useful for your skin? Banana peel contains a substance called luetin which helps in healthy growth of cells. It also prevents inflammation and redness of acne. All you need to do is rub one peel every day on your skin for fifteen minutes and wash it.


(6) Fresh Papaya: Papayas make your skin healthy and bring back its glow. They contain a substance papain which reduces inflammation and prevents pus formation. This natural remedy removes dead skin and excess oil from your skin. Cut a slice of Papaya and grind it into a semi-liquid solution. Apply it and after twenty minutes wash your face and pat dry.

All the above methods are natural and require some time to work. Follow them tenaciously, and you will observe the difference. So, why spend a heavy amount on medicines when you can cure acne at home only?

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