twilight book review

TWILIGHT – By Stephenie Meyer

Love happens when it is least expected. But for 17-year-old Isabella Swan who recently moved from sunny Phoenix to gloomy Forks, love awaited her in the most horrifying form.

Away from her mother, life isn’t expected to be happy and comfortable but it was her own decision to live with her father. As a shy taciturn girl, Bella surprisingly attracts attention from several boys in school. However, it is Edward Cullen about whom she gets most intrigued. The Cullens appeared to be a magnet for attention and the credit goes to their inhumanely angelic looks, insane wealth and unimaginably secretive personality. Sadly with all the perfections, Edward and his four siblings are reserved within themselves and do not interact with anyone. The last and the best thing Bella knows about Forks is that she is irrevocably in love with Edward.

Initially, there happens to be a strong repulsion from Edward’s side but circumstances and situations slowly make him take notice of Bella. Meanwhile, Bella finds out about the cold-blooded Cullens but she refuses to let Edward’s reality change her feelings. Soon the friendship blooms into a most uncommon love story between a vampire and a human. This concept makes the book so popular among all age groups. The idea of the impossible love allures the young adults whereas for the adults it remains an appealing story.

‘The course of true love never did run smooth’ as told by Shakespeare holds true for this story as well. The lovers are challenged with life threatening problems and struggle to stay alive. From this point on the thrilling part of the story begins.

Since the story is unraveled from Bella’s point of view, the readers are curious to know the Cullens personally. Stephenie Meyer fulfills this wish in the Twilight Saga- New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn with even more nerve breaking suspense and truths.

It is an unavoidable fact that Stephenie Meyer transforms a simple story into something so gripping and engrossing. The whole idea of blood sucking vampires has been changed into a glamorized action thriller with a hint of romance making a place not only in the hearts of young readers but also in the best-selling category.

We all want to be a part of someone with whom we can stay forever. Again, forever is only possible for the immortals. To live with a vampire, one has to become a vampire. The choice and its probable consequences made by Bella and Edward are beautifully elucidated in the four magical books by Meyer waiting to be discovered.