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Artificial Intelligence at Your Doorstep

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is closer than we think. Humans have been fascinated with it for long. AI had been the subject of many many Sci-fi novels and movies. Whether we welcome it or feel threatened or before we decide how we respond to it AI is already knocking at the door.

The Mighty Titanic!

A ship built so prestigiously and one thought to be unsinkable, a ship synonymous with grandeur and majesty, the RMS Titanic fell to the waters under unfortunate circumstances. Here are some facts about the ship that sunk on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City taking down with it thousands of its passengers.


The world is full of interesting beings and intriguing facts that you did not know. There exist so may beguiling things in this world, that you would be amazed to read about them. So here are 10 interesting facts you probably didn't know and will find it hard to believe when you read them.

10 facts about Antimatter

When the world was formed, there were two types of energy- Matter and anti-matter. A matter is made up of atoms that have subatomic particles with charges: electrons (-ve), protons (+ve) and neutrons (neutral). The electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. Antimatter is the mirror image of matter. Thus, it is exactly the [...]

Boston Tea Party

Just like India, America too, at one point of time was ruled over by Britain. These English men have ruled over several countries wherever they could, establishing their supremacy and abandoning the country of its resources to make their own nation rich.

Interesting facts about Venus

Space, the home for the zillion stars, planets and galaxies has many stories hidden behind its glitter. Revealing those hidden facts about the numerous elements is space has been of great interest to us humans. So let us find out some interesting facts about Venus, the brightest planet in the sky.

Sweet Dreams !!

In the silence of the night, when darkness casts its spell, the whole world douses and gets transported to the hypothetical world of dreams, which are some times, fanciful, entertaining or downright bizzare. But why do we dream, and what are dreams made of?