Nobody's Perfect

Nobody is born perfect. We all struggle to become perfect in the process of leading our lives. Success and failure, happiness and grief, they all come and go as we grow to become the individuals we are.

Life is beautiful

"Life is beautiful," they say. True!! The real joy of living is when you let your life take the shape it wants to. Live a life free of limitations, free of fears, free of restrictions. One life it is, that we have!! Live it!!

Birds of a Feather

Once a farmer had many fields He ploughed hard and got large yields His heart danced when his crop he glanced. But his heart missed beats When he saw wings and beaks Break into his lands He held his head in hands. He knit his brow and brought a scarecrow In vain, he complained To [...]

India – The Land of Beauty

A land of beauty, divinity, and diversity, India, is known for its picturesque landscape and its cultural heritage. A land where godliness and humanity are unified to make a harmonious existence, the poet Sowmya Garimella, describes Mother India as the most elegant one in the whole wide universe.

The Road Not Taken – By Robert Frost

The poem "The Road not taken" by Robert Frost talks about the stupefaction one experiences when he needs to make a decision and choose the best of the two options in front of him. A masterly piece of work by Robert Frost, this is among the most famous poems of the olden times.

Remember – By Christina Rossetti

The melancholy that strikes us when our loved one departs, the solitude, the memories of the past, the plans for the future, all seem disturbingly fake. As you think of the loved one, smile and forget the grief, says the poet Christina Rossetti.

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud – By William Wordsworth

The enthralling description of the scenic view of thousands of golden daffodils along the bay of the lake, dancing to the winds and tossing their heads, which the poet, WIlliam Wordsworth reminisces in the silence of his solitude, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" is a poem that will transport you to another world.