Common But, Dangerous Symptoms

The human body is very intricate yet beautifully designed. How the entire phenomenon inside our body works never fails to amaze us but, at the same time, the diseases we often succumb to are also quite outlandish. Whenever we notice something strange in our body system, we straight away rush to our doctor to get the treatment on time. But, have you ever wondered that some very common symptoms which we mostly ignore can point out towards a serious danger lingering somewhere within us?

There are weirdest symptoms and diseases so, there are very simple and common symptoms of precarious diseases also. Here are some of them you should know.

(1) Excessive sweating: Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a kind of disorder which can be genetic also and lasts till adulthood or even more. A person who is sitting calmly and not doing any physical activity but is still sweating is said to be suffering from hyperhidrosis.


Anyone with this disorder can sweat in the entire body or any particular place also. It is most common in overweighted people. There are two types of hyperhidrosis- primary and secondary. The former is not so serious in terms of health but can affect your mental condition. The latter, which is less common is more serious medically. It can point out towards diseases like thyroid, diabetes, tuberculosis or even heart failure. So, if you think you sweat all the time beyond normal, better consult a doctor.

(2) Headaches: Normally, we ignore the accute pain in our head and take it casually. Sometimes, parents also assume television and laptops as the main reason for this which can be if you suffer from headaches not very frequently. But, you can be suffering from serious disorders if you have pain in your head almost daily.


This disorder can start at a very early stage of your life and should be treated at the earliest. A persistent headache can point out towards a migraine, brain tumor, blood clots or influenza. The level of pain also keeps on increasing and it starts to become more severe. It is advisable to visit a doctor if your headache is disturbing.

(4) Persistent hiccups: Hiccups or Singultus (the medical term for hiccups) are uncontrollable and repetitive contractions of the diaphragm, which is located just below our lungs. Hiccups can come and go for no exact reasons. Short-term hiccups that last for only a few minutes are not a problem. But, if your hiccups last for more than 48 hours, then it can point out towards some serious diseases like diabetes, damage of diaphragm muscles or kidney failure. This problem can occur at an early stage even in a fetus. If you suffer from this problem, ask your doctor to treat it before it becomes serious.

(4) Nosebleeds: It is very common especially in children aged between 3 to 10 years. The main reason for nosebleed are that the blood vessels in our nose are fragile and located close to its surface, so they sometimes start bleeding.


Nose bleeding is of two types – anterior nosebleed and posterior nosebleed. The former is not serious and is very common but the latter can be dangerous.Maybe a foreign object has entered your nose. Other causes of prolong nose bleeding can be broken nose, low platelet count, skull fractures and many other serious diseases.You should see a doctor if your nose does not stop bleeding in twenty to thirty minutes.

(5) Sleeplessness: If you are sleep deprived or if you are not able to sleep properly, then there might be some serious problems. A proper sleep is of six to seven hours. This disorder is named as Insomnia.


If sleeplessness is not associated with any health conditions or if you are not able to sleep just because you have exams tomorrow, then it is normal or primary insomnia. The problem arises in secondary insomania. There may be diseases like high blood pressure, asthma, depression and even cancer. Consult your doctor if you are sleep deprived.

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