Foods You Must Eat This Monsoon to Keep Yourself Immune

Monsoon has arrived and it finally has brought relief for us. The rains tempt us to get out and get wet but monsoon and flu are also synonymous with each other. We took over to the internet, read different opinions of many doctors to find out ways to keep ourselves immune from diseases this monsoon.
Here are some foods you must consume to boost your immunity towards cold and flu this monsoon :

  1. Yogurt:  If you are taking Yogurt in your diets on regular basis, you are making a smart decision to keep the diseases off you.  The probiotics in the curds help in keeping the digestive system good and is a rich source of Vitamin D. 577326-yogurt

 2. Hot Soups: Taking a bowl of hot soup is relaxing in monsoon and it is also very healthy for our body.  It is preferred to take hot chicken soup as it is rich in protein and also helps the body to fight against the germs.
3. Ginger: Ginger is a natural antibiotic and has been used since centuries for the cure of many diseases. It helps in keeping away the cold and other respiratory infections which are likely to infect us during monsoons. Ginger can be added to Tea, as well as in hot water with honey in order to keep throat and blood clean. Ginger-Root-Benefits
4. Tulsi: Tulsi also known as Holy Basis is considered as a sacred plant in Hinduism and is a plant very common in the Indian household. It is a plant whose consumption helps in fighting bacterial, viral and carcinogenic infections. It is a natural antibiotic like Ginger and is beneficial for curing most of the respiratory infections. 1525. Foods rich in Vitamin C: Vitamin C rich foods like Lemon, Oranges, Tomatoes etc help in building immunity against common infections during Monsoon season.
Take a dose of these vitamins and minerals rich foods to build yourself to fight off germs and to stay happy and fit this monsoon.
Image Courtesy: Shutterstock