The Shining Star

The clouds aren’t pitch black yet. The Sun hasn’t disappeared totally from the far end yet. The Moon isn’t shining with its complete glory yet. But there is one star in the sky that has already started shining. The only star amidst the gray clouds tinted orange by the valor of the mighty red Sun.

The only star shining in the whole wide sky that does house countless other stars too. It was solus but its grandeur was gilt-edged, something that can’t be left unnoticed. I can see it, feel it from some light years apart and I can talk to it as well.

I asked the star, “Why are you the only star shining and visible while there are also jillion other stars in the sky?”

The star shined brighter. I assumed that it smiled hearing my question. I could hear it talk to me.

It said, “The sky as it appears to me and the other stars, is dark, tough and angry, thundering at the entire world. We were scared to come out of our places. We were scared that we would get lost in this cosmos. I have spent a major part of my life succumbed to this fear of being lost. One day I saw a star like me shining for the last time as it exploded just to end up in smoke. That day, I gave a deep thought about what my life is meant to be in this voluminous space. Is it to shine and spread my light over the space or is it to hide and spend my entire lifetime fearing the risk of being lost and waiting for my turn to reduce to dust like that star just did? After few days of self-questioning and reasoning, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try to see and experience what it is like to live and shine in the sky. I have always known and seen that the sky does have a lot of shades. It is not always dark and thundering. It is also blue and welcoming, orange and warm, white and soothing. And finally, one day I moved out of my safe spot and came out into the sky to shine with all my might and to spread all my light. My fellow stars didn’t appreciate my move and advised me to come back to my very own space where I was safe and without fear. But I couldn’t heed to their words because I liked the way I appeared to the world. I liked the feeling of fearlessness. I liked the feeling of being noticed. Yes, finally I was living and I liked the newly gained life. It felt nice and worth living a life without fear.”

As the star unfolded the story behind being the brightest and the bravest star in the whole dark sky, I could see the moon smiling as well. It was feeling proud to share the sky with a star like this who deserves to be noticed for being brave, strong and fearless. Now I see and now I know that some risks are worth taking.