The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

A novel full of humor, adventure, magic and the most important of all good lessons and morals, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz can be considered a must read for young children as it brings out the message of loyalty, friendship, and kindness.

Common But, Dangerous Symptoms

Our body and health often undergo a lot of changes and react to various things in a way that we usually don't understand and hence ignore them. But it is sometimes risky to ignore certain symptoms that might turn into bigger problems at a later stage.

Interesting facts about Venus

Space, the home for the zillion stars, planets and galaxies has many stories hidden behind its glitter. Revealing those hidden facts about the numerous elements is space has been of great interest to us humans. So let us find out some interesting facts about Venus, the brightest planet in the sky.


The driving power behind all the electronic gadgets is a computer. But not the regular computer you use at home or in school, but it is a small computer which can easily fit in your pocket. It is the Microcontroller. Though micro-sized, it has the capacity to control big things.

Malgudi Days

Stories attract people of all age groups. And when it comes to stories that relate to our daily lives, they leave a great imprint on our minds. An invaluable compendium of such stories is the "Malgudi Days".

Angkor Vat

The religious significance of temples is very high in India. But there are temples of Hindu gods in other countries as well that are very famous. Angkor Vat in Cambodia is one such place that is famous for its temples of Hindu gods.

5 ways to become an early riser

Be it for the sake of preparing for exams or for a morning walk or jog, walking up early in the morning is a habit that will help you lead a healthy and blissful life. An early start of your day keeps you active and in good mood. So here are 5 simple ways you can become an early riser.

Pride and prejudice

Movies are a form of art, of elaborate expression and possess the capability of creating turmoil as well as solace in our minds. One such film which does poetic justice to the phrase 'cinematic brilliance' is 'Pride and prejudice', based on the brilliant novel by Jane Austen.

Cubimorph-A 'Smart'phone

The era of smartphones has seen umpteen models with different features. Every day we see a new development in the smartphone industry challenging the older variants. The Cubimorph is a sensational product that will change the entire face of the future of smartphones. Find out how !!


If you think science has already uncovered every dangerous and extraordinary phenomenon under the sun then think again, we are right now in the midst of the greatest era of space discovery. Many of the wondrous discoveries are happening right here and right now in our own cosmic backyard.

Amiable Kasol

A beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh, arranged in Parvati Valley, on the banks of the Parvati River, in transit between Bhuntar to Manikaran, Kasol will mesmerize you with its beauty.

The Rise of an Era

The human evolution began about 3 million years ago and change is something that has been consistent. Be it developing from an ape to man or be it inventing electricity, today is always different from yesterday. Let us delve deep into history and know how the era of civilizations began, at least in India!

The Fault in Our Stars

A beautiful, narrative story of two teenagers, a girl fighting cancer and a boy who survived cancer and attends a support group for his friend, where he meets this girl, Anna. These youngsters fall in love as they struggle with their lives to survive cancer.

10 signs of schizophrenia in teens

Parents only want the best for their child and to do that, they only see the best in them and ignore the things they feel are caused by puberty but are actually due to something else. By doing this, they might end up ignoring something that would shape your life.

Mistaken With A Hoverboard?

Technology always has something new and exciting to offer to us humans, which makes our lives easy and happening. From carts to cars, transportation has seen tremendous change and improvement. Now, taking personal transportation to the next level, Hoverboards are creating a buzz everywhere!!

What to do on the day before exam?

Exams always make us nervous and squinch up. All the hard work and efforts that we put till the moment we enter the examination hall, might all go waste if we have a troubled day before the exam. So, here are few things you should do on the day before the exam.

Don't Breathe!

An American horror film revolving around a group of teens who break into a blind man's home hoping that they would walk away with a handsome fortune, "Don't Breathe" is the movie that will keep you glued to your seat.

Sleeping Better

When we reach home after a tiring day at school or work, the exhausted body and mind need just the right amount of sleep. A disturbed sleep would leave you dull and inactive for the entire day. So here are few things you can do to have a good night's sleep.

The Maze Runner

A fast paced post-apocalyptic adventure novel, a must read for all the dystopian and science fiction lovers, "The Maze Runner", is a book written keeping in mind all the young adults, but it would not be surprising if the adults too are found lost in the maze.

Sweet Dreams !!

In the silence of the night, when darkness casts its spell, the whole world douses and gets transported to the hypothetical world of dreams, which are some times, fanciful, entertaining or downright bizzare. But why do we dream, and what are dreams made of?


Technology always has something intriguing to offer for a mind that tries to quest for reasoning, learning and creating cool stuff. Programming is no more an arduous job. It has become easier and more fun than before. Find out how to create your own interactive stories without a hitch.

A Fantastic way to drive away boredom!

After a tiring week full of busy schedules, work or exam pressure, the weekend brings all the rat-race to a halt, and boredom befriends us. That's when we need a little magic in our boring lives. The "Fantastic Beasts" is just the right movie to kill the boredom. A must-watch movie !!

At the feet of serendipity – SILIGURI

Wanting to visit an excellent city this late spring and on the harsh side, you don't have enough holidays to take a long break?? Try not to get disillusioned as I have a place to instruct you to far from the rushing about of the huge metros. If you would like to be impressed by the amazing perspectives of nature, then travel to Siliguri.

Handling the examination stress

With exams around the corner, children tend to get tensed and worried about their performance and preparation. Their struggle to perform exceptionally well builds up great stress on their little brains. So here are some useful tips to tackle the examination stress.